Kurt Vonnegut
Olga Marusyn
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«Slaughterhouse – Five» is very unique composition of history, psychology, sociology, satire, science fiction and autobiography. The main story of the novel is Dresden bombing in spring 1945 by an allied aviation. However, that’s not the only thing that makes the novel so great. It became a masterpiece because of statics and didacticism absence, strong transitions from tragical to comical. All this gives Kurt Vonnegut a great opportunity not only to tell about this period of WW II, but also to hit the center of basic questions of human existence.

The book was co published by King George Foundation and Old Lion Publishing House as a part of «Library Of Babel» project. The Project was supported by Department of Public Affairs of United States of America Embassy in Ukraine, and Ivano-Frankivsk local government as a part of «Ivano-Frankivsk cultural innovations» project. «Slaughterhouse – Five» made «The bestselling book of Lviv Publisher’s Forum» top 20 list.