Alexandr Pryimak

Alexandr Pryimak was born in Hmelnyckyi, but now lives in Lviv. He graduated from Ivan Trush Lviv University as a sculptor. Nowadays he is studying in Lviv National Art Academy. Alexandr works in different styles such as graphic illustration, sculpture, photography and painting.

Art projects:

«Beads» – personal exhibition. «Detenpull» gallery Lviv 2013;

«Dialog» – collective exhibition «Museum of Ideas» Lviv 2013;

Art Moves festival 2013/2014 – posters festival Torun city, Poland 2013-2014;

«50» - collective exhibition. Former Ethnography and Artistic Craft Museum. Lviv 2013

«The Insurgent Alphabet» – participant of the project, 2014

The visual concept of Ukrainian edition of William Golding’s story «The Scorpion God», 2014

L’Ecume des Jours
The story is simple: Boy meets girl; boy marries girl; girl falls ill on their honeymoon with a water lily on the lung, which can only be treated by being surrounded by flowers; boy goes broke desperately trying to keep his true love alive.
Breakfast with the Borgias
Lonely guesthouse on the Essex coast. Inside there's no phone or internet reception. Enter Ariel Panek, a promising young academic. With his plane grounded by fog at Stanstead, he has been booked in for the night at the guesthouse. Нe falls in with a family who appear to be commemorating an event.
L’Automne a Pekin
Novel about an expedition to build a railway in the desert of Exopotamie, populated with engineers, randy priests and hermits, lovelorn couples, and a physician obsessed with model airplanes.
L'Arrache-cœur tells the story of a psychoanalyst who is newly arrived in a very superstitious village where absurd events occur.
The Scorpion God
“The Scorpion God“ is a stylized history of ancient Egyptians on the shore of Nile during IV millennium B.C.