Alexandr Pryimak

Alexandr Pryimak was born in Hmelnyckyi, but now lives in Lviv. He graduated from Ivan Trush Lviv University as a sculptor. Nowadays he is studying in Lviv National Art Academy. Alexandr works in different styles such as graphic illustration, sculpture, photography and painting.

Art projects:

«Beads» – personal exhibition. «Detenpull» gallery Lviv 2013;

«Dialog» – collective exhibition «Museum of Ideas» Lviv 2013;

Art Moves festival 2013/2014 – posters festival Torun city, Poland 2013-2014;

«50» - collective exhibition. Former Ethnography and Artistic Craft Museum. Lviv 2013

«The Insurgent Alphabet» – participant of the project, 2014

The visual concept of Ukrainian edition of William Golding’s story «The Scorpion God», 2014

Шумовиння днів

Це ніжна й поважна, комічна і гнітюча, чарівлива і незабутня історія кохання. Це казка епохи джазу,  кумедна і в’їдлива водночас, сповнена щастя і трагічності, феєрична й повна захвату.

Breakfast with the Borgias
Lonely guesthouse on the Essex coast. Inside there's no phone or internet reception. Enter Ariel Panek, a promising young academic. With his plane grounded by fog at Stanstead, he has been booked in for the night at the guesthouse. Нe falls in with a family who appear to be commemorating an event.
L’Automne a Pekin
Novel about an expedition to build a railway in the desert of Exopotamie, populated with engineers, randy priests and hermits, lovelorn couples, and a physician obsessed with model airplanes.
L'Arrache-cœur tells the story of a psychoanalyst who is newly arrived in a very superstitious village where absurd events occur.
The Scorpion God
“The Scorpion God“ is a stylized history of ancient Egyptians on the shore of Nile during IV millennium B.C.